...that special touch of sweet

Welcome to Sweet Gaga’s! We are so glad you are visiting our site and we hope to see you in the store soon! 

Sweet Gaga's was started with God given talent. Growing up, our mother made cakes for our family. All special occasions, whether it be a birthday, wedding or other event, she always made the celebration delicious with a special confection. Mama always told us God gave her the talent and she passed along her love of baking to us, Brittni, Hallie and Heather.  Two of us took our skills and went to culinary school to become pastry chefs. One of us continued working on her skill at home and other bakeries. Now we are taking our talent, our training and our love of baking and opening our own spot!

We've been asked numerous times, where the name Sweet Gaga's comes from. Gaga is our mother, who taught us everything and began our journey down this path. She wanted to be called Gigi, however, her oldest granddaughter decided she should be called Gaga.  Sweet Gaga's is a small family owned bakery. We offer fresh baked items including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, bread and more. Take a look around and learn more about us and how Sweet Gaga's can offer your family or event that special touch of sweet!

Meet our bakers and owners...

Pictured left to right Heather Johnson, Brittni McDonald-Moran and Hallie McDonald

Pictured left to right Heather Johnson, Brittni McDonald-Moran and Hallie McDonald

Heather Johnson

Like her sisters, Heather Johnson started baking at home because of her mother. In the spring of 2015, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a pastry chef and enrolled in culinary school at Culinard in Birmingham. There were obstacles and fears, all of which Heather overcame. She is highly skilled in sculpting and fondant work and enjoys using that skill to create wedding cake masterpieces. Heather and her sisters each have unique skills that they will bring to the day-to-day operations of Sweet Gaga's, but with all three having passion for their work and customers paired with a drive to succeed they know they will be a great asset to Downtown Alexander City.

Brittni Mcdonald-Moran

After spending time in the kitchen with her mother watching her use her God given talent to make cakes and desserts for all family celebrations, Brittni was hooked on baking. In high school, she took a creative cooking class which inspired her to further develop her skills by practicing and watching YouTube videos. For the past 10 years Brittni has been decorating cakes at other bakeries or at home for friends and families. About 6 years ago she started designing cakes for customers based on photos and descriptions they would provide. Opening Sweet Gaga's is a dream and Brittni looks forward to meeting you in the store soon!

Hallie McDonald

Because she wanted to make a better life for her daughter, Hallie was the first of the sisters to take what she had learned at home and enroll in Culinard. After graduating from culinary school and in an effort to learn about operating a bakery day-to-day, Hallie worked as the baker at Catherine's Market at Russell Crossroads for some time and her confections were divine. Her specialty is creating unique flavor combinations that go beyond the basics. She enjoys her chosen profession because she gets to make unique creations that go from an idea or a simple drawing to an elegant masterpiece.